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Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar Cardiothoracic Surgery in Jizan - Saudi Arabia on a fixed term / permanent basis; working for our client via Workplace Doctors

*** Location: Jizan - Saudi Arabia

*** Speciality: Cardiothoracic Surgery / Surgeon

*** Pay rate: Specialist Doctor Monthly salary: SAR 28,900 to SAR 40,000 plus below mentioned benefits

*** Role: Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar (4+ years post graduate experience)

*** Start date: Flexible

***Registration: MOH (Saudi Ministry of Health) Registration Essential

Doctors Guide to working in Saudi Arabia – click here

Workplace Doctors is currently recruiting for an experienced professional - Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar Cardiothoracic Surgery to work with our esteemed and reputable client in their medical facility in the Jizan Region- Saudi Arabia.

Standard Duties and Responsibilities

a) The Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar standard duties and responsibilities include, as directed by the Consultant / Clinical Director / Employer to, inter alia:

  • participate as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in the provision of medical care to patients;
  • diagnose and treat patients;
  • ensure that duties and functions are undertaken in a manner that prioritises the safety and well-being of patients in accordance with MOH (Ministry of Health) guidelines;
  • assess patients on admission and/or discharge as required and write detailed reports in the case notes;
  • order and interpret diagnostic tests;
  • initiate and monitor treatment;
  • communicate effectively with patients and clients;
  • further progress knowledge of diagnosis and management;
  • participate in multidisciplinary clinical audit and proactive risk management and facilitate production of all data/information for same;
  • co-operate with such arrangements as are put into place to verify the delivery of all contractual commitments;
  • co-operate with such measures as are necessary to ensure compliance with the requirements of the directorate / department and related national legislation;
  • co-operate with investigations, enquiries or audit relating to the provision of health services;
  • comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, agreed training principles where appropriate, corporate policies and procedures and human resource policies and procedures (e.g. Dignity at Work, Flexible Working Scheme etc.);
  • attend at Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar Induction training before the commencement of the employment relationship is not paid, while induction training during the currency of the employment relationship is paid;
  • perform other duties as required by the supervising Consultant / Clinical Director / Employer.

b) Additional duties and responsibilities related to this post may be set out in the job description as issued by the Employer/ MOH (Ministry of Health) national contract

c) The Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar is entitled during his/her employment to regular review of his/her performance - including Research performance – by and together with the designated supervisory Consultant/ Clinical Director/ Lead Consultant / Head of Academic Department.

d) When carrying out these duties, the Specialist Doctor Hospital Registrar shall abide by the MOH (Ministry of Health) ‘Guide to Ethical Conduct and Behaviour’ (copy available directly from the Ministry of Health or at

Clinical Skills & Job Planning

The hospital endeavour to take into consideration any speciality / special interest of the candidate from review of their CV. The candidate is encouraged to take up interests as part of the job plan. Job plans to be discussed with the Clinical Lead of Cardiothoracic Surgery and departmental service manager, hospital manager– all job plans are made with the agreement of the doctor and needs of the Cardiothoracic Surgery department for the duration of employment.

Any agreed job plan is subject to review after 3 months- dependent of the needs of the department.


Jizan Region (Arabic: جيزان‎‎ Jizān) is the second smallest (after Al Bahah) region of Saudi Arabia. It stretches some 300 km along the southern Red Sea coast, just north of Yemen. It covers an area of 11,671 km² and has a population of 1,365,110 at the 2010 census (preliminary result). The capital is the city of Jizan; Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz is the current Governor.

Saudi Arabia is made up of beautiful seas, impressive mountain ranges and breath-taking landscapes. It sits between mainland Asia and Africa. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become one of the wealthiest nations in the region thanks to vast oil resources. Sitting on more than 25% of the world’s known oil reserves, the country is capable of producing more than 10 million barrels per day. The Kingdom is one of the major players in the Arab and Muslim worlds, its stature built on geographic size, prestige as the birthplace of Islam, and oil. The working population is very multi-cultural due to a wide variety of job opportunities, competitive salaries and benefits for all nationalities.

Jizan & Surrounding areas

Jizan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality. It has high mountains with perennial green cover and they also include spectacular waterfalls that create most beautiful lakes which are no less splendorous than the pristine beaches in the islands nearby. You can visit the lush green mountains with their sweet and hot water springs. Moreover, you can visit the beaches, islands, and the amazing coral reefs lurking under the sea’s depths, or you can learn about the evolution and archaeological sites in the Jizan Archeological and Heritage Museum, or you can visit the Abu Areesh and Al-Dawseriyah castles.

Give yourself a day’s more fun and learn about the Fursan islands, which include a range of natural monuments, or you can travel to the Al-Eidabi governorate to enjoy watching the Razan Valley, which is a piece of paradise on earth. To live a unique experience, go to attend the amazing annual celebration of Al-Hareed Fish Festival that you may not find in any place in the world, as you will see it in Jizan

The Sea, the islands, the mountain and the plains are the basics of diversity in Jizan. All these provide visitors with varied elements of picturesque nature to enjoy with. The adventure in Jizan, the Pearl of the South is irreplaceable, and will remain interesting to the last minute.

What distinguishes Jizan is its people’s generosity and hospitality.

Additionally, its forests, lakes, and waterfalls will give you complete freedom to enjoy its spellbound nature.

Jizan is the place of diversity. If you are looking for summer fun, head to Fifa Mountains that are covered with breathtaking greenery and exquisitely charming and colorful fragrant flowers. If you are a lover of beaches, go to visit Beesh Beach, to see the gentle waves caressing its golden sands and if you are a Marine adventure fan you can go to the Farasan Islands to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and exquisitely blended coral reefs. You can get to know the marine creatures through unforgettable diving experience.

The dominant environment of Jizan Province affects the local dress habit because of the varying temperatures in the seasons throughout the year. Men’s clothes consist of two pieces aprons i.e. Al-Mi’zar and Al-Shameez. Some men wear scarfs and fix a dagger on their waists. Some men also wear long Thoub (a full-length loose garment) and a turban on their head. The Women’s dress manifests itself in Al-Kirtah or Al-Sidairiyah (a vest coat), long Indian pants, Al-Misr (a headdress), and Al-Maqlamiyah (a black cloth that covers the head and the shoulders).

When talking about popular dishes in Jizan, Jizan province has a rich and diverse heritage that is a direct result of the farming background of the region in the first place. It’s diversity of sources of food comes from the bounties of the coastal stretch of sea fishing , the wild meat products, honey and ghee from the mountains, and the cereals, vegetables, mutton and poultry from the plains. Therefore, all this has the greatest impact on Jizani meal table that is usually comprised of multiplicity of dishes.

Almost all items and well-known brands can be found in Saudi Arabia. Malls have an array of restaurants and fast food outlets like Domino’s Pizza, KFC and Starbucks. In addition to the modern malls, you will find every town has a variety of traditional shopping centres, and a number of fascinating souks (covered markets).


The professionals working for our client come from all corners of the globe. They all share a common goal in making our client a leading tertiary care referral centre. Specialists from ranges of disciplines co-operate to provide the highest standard of patient care.

Our client strives to advocate a culture of learning and growth that promotes strategy focused organization, result-oriented performance, excellence, quality, transparency, originality and creativity. Extending knowledge and resources into the community is the hospitals aim.

Remuneration and Job Benefits

On the site there is furnished accommodation for over 2,000 staff. Accommodation is allocated based on position and contract status

This will be a salary position- with a full benefits package- including:

  • Attractive Salary (SAR 28,900 to SAR 40,000)
  • One year renewable contract
  • Air Tickets/Family Air Tickets to job location at beginning and end of contract
  • 35 calendar days paid annual leave
  • 11 paid holidays (5 for each Eid - (Muslim Religious Holiday) and 1 for the Saudi National Day)
  • End of service award for each year completed
  • Medical Insurance
  • Education allowance

The Hospital Transportation System will provide transportation for employees to and from the airport as well as to and from the various client compounds and some areas inside the complex.

There are numerous recreational services available to employees including swimming pools, tennis courts, multi-purpose courts, running track, squash courts and a football pitch.

Our client also provides a community centre consisting of a nursery school, restaurant, a multi-purpose hall, supermarket, post office and bank. All your necessities are within a short distance, saving time and transport.

Qualifications and Requirements

The following qualifications are accepted:

The requirements of this role are, minimum 4-9 years of experience, with any of the following qualifications:

  • Canadian – Higher Qualifications from the Royal Colleges
  • Australian - Higher Qualifications from the Royal Colleges
  • South African - Higher Qualifications of Specialty Colleges
  • United Kingdom- Higher Qualifications from the Royal Colleges
  • Ireland- Higher Qualifications from the Royal Colleges

The ability to speak ‘Arabic’ is not essential although beneficial.

Please note Saudi Arabia has instituted a mandatory retirement policy, with few exceptions. You will not be offered a position if you are 60+, or will turn 60 during the period of a one-year contract.

This is an exciting opportunity to further develop your experience in your career and to work with an organisation that supports their staff.

In this role you will be rewarded with an exciting job opportunity with a great culture, job satisfaction and an opportunity to use your skills.

Our client prides itself on high standards of professionalism and therefore you must possess excellent communication skills and a professional, enthusiastic manner to reflect this.

Do not miss out on this interesting and challenging career opportunity.

Doctors Guide to working in Saudi Arabia – click here

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